‘Hang onto your ears’是给在我们棚子里过夜的羔羊的建议。我们现在知道,正是福克斯先生为活羊羔耳朵的美味锦上添花。这种酷刑无差别地发生,有时导致死亡,但不一定。我们在相机和肉体上瞥见了罪魁祸首。我们’ve亲眼目睹了他的猴子般的攀爬能力,将3个大的圆包放高,绵羊的栏杆毫无问题。他太聪明了,无法进入笼子陷阱。战争已经宣告成立,我们正在向他投掷智慧。我发现他破坏无力的小羊是不可原谅的,这不像他在利用肉。


每年,我们发誓明年会尽快将羊群从羊群中移出。但是由于我们只在产羔前6周将它们取出,所以我们要承受后果。母羊羔以每天大约一只的速度产羔。有些人本能地应对孕产的挑战,例如‘duck to water’ and others act like drama queens. Fred said we should not put Suffolk on Suffolk, and I reluctantly have to admit that ey has proven his case.


ey’s mother, a Suffolk mule, seemed normal when we picked her out as a suitable breeder. Overnight she converted to the raving looney party. I think ey’的到来与它有关。我想她可以责怪她‘hormones’ if she wanted an excuse for her abominable behaviour. There is no denying that ey is the progeny of the Suffolk ram. He has long black droopy ears with a gloomy expression, a picture of dejection. After his birth, from a safe distance his mother surveyed him in horror. Achieving getting these two into a pen together was nothing short of a miracle, requiring patience, along with a combination of cunning, brute force and strong language. When we suggested that ey required a drink from her milk bar, she freaked out big time. we also had to convince ey that legs are designed to stand upon. It makes reaching minuscule milk dispensers easier to hang onto, especially when they are leaping up and down. This skill now mastered, a mother bursting with pride, and ey attempting to skip, equals job satisfaction. How boring easycare 羊 must be, and what would I do with all that extra time in my day?

以前,当我们标记时,我们在产羔笔中单独驱除母羊。我们推迟了这项任务,以减少羔羊的工作量。产羔后第一次上笔和处理可能具有挑战性。天气和kind,阳光明媚,微风拂过,从黑刺树篱中吹出花瓣,像一场阵雪。 Penning to worm的效果比预期的要好,唯一的例外是一个带有红色标记的m子,她从不曾给我们一个很好的避难所,试图隐藏她的小羊。她很偷偷摸摸,这让我想知道为什么我不这样做’找不到她的另一个家,但幸运的是她的羊羔很好。


ey inadvertently had a lie in yesterday, and it wasn’t星期日。由于他的举止,他被允许‘hardening off time,’ in nights and out days along with his mum and the ante natal ewes. With thoughts of nothing but filling her belly with green grass ey’s mum rushed out with not a backward glance for her offspring. Usually a ewe will remember their responsibilities and make amends by returning to collect their lambs. Alas this did not happen. ey was quite chilled out, happy to slumber alone in the straw. Eventually we took ey down the field to be reunited with his errant mum, her forgetfulness even shocking herself. They both seem much more clued up now, ready to move on.